Lighting the way for
restorative mariculture. 


 Our mission is to create urchin ranching solutions for the restoration of kelp habitat in California and urchin fisheries in New England. Our business creates market incentives for the removal and/or repopulation of sea urchins in marine ecosystems that are currently out of balance. Establishing ecological balance in kelp forests ensures that these coastal habitats can continue to support extensive biodiversity, valuable fisheries, and tremendous carbon sequestration processes. 


The problem.

In California, purple urchin barrens eliminate kelp forests and massive carbon sequestration potential. 

Kelp habitat is home to thousands of species and is a key asset in our fight to slow climate change. Over the last 6 years, billions of purple urchins have destroyed 90% of California's kelp habitat. Purple urchins are not invasive, however as oceans war, tipping points allow their populations to increase exponentially. Dense masses of urchins, known as urchin barrens, can remove kelp forests in days and replace them for decades. The result is a loss of biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and valuable fisheries.

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Sea urchin roe, or uni

is an expensive seafood delicacy. It's versatile, rich and has all the umami flavors of caviar or truffles. 

It's delicious and chefs love it. The obvious answer would be to eat our way out of this problem, but it's not that simple. 

Why? ...

...Sea urchins from barrens contain no uni. 

Our Solution? 

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1. Harvest

2. Ranch 

3. Market

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